Friday, July 29, 2011

Complications of Glass

A spectacle of disorder, and is no order not ordinary,
no search for no will resembles less
hopes more, and there will
be no mercy washing that’s in unnatural colors.
a difference, a very little difference
is sugar.
so hurt out of rudeness that’s so rudimentary,
and so earnest not to red.
a soul coal color is not cheaper
no reason is light enough, and not exaggerating
may be, may not, may not be a color darker—
a cause, a cause,
a cause
a loud clash, establishes a thought
to replace the use
to use paper,
the one, the one that makes
the one to make,
to be left open at the end,
to be left sooner than a choice in color,
a yellow dust color,
if dust is sooner than paper, if dust is
a considerable cause,
a dust, a sad that is not sad,
is blue.
a mark by cut,
a flat nothing, a flat nothing,
cut in,
cut in, cut more,
to be left nothing but complications of glass—
more than shadows waving color.

- B. Medeiros

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